Lower back pain and pregnancy

pregnant woman doing gymnasticThe root cause of back pain during your pregnancy is the hormonal changes that take place in your body and due to the fact that you have a person growing inside you! As your uterus grows and becomes increasingly larger, this stretches and weakens your muscles. Your pelvic ligaments and bones also start to become slightly loose due to all the hormones. This change in posture and structure can cause quite a bad case of lower back pain.

About 70% women experience this pain at some point of time during their pregnancy, though it occurs mostly during the last few months. Sitting or standing for long periods and even sleeping in awkward positions may cause this pain. Women who have experienced such pain before their pregnancy or women who are laid back and have poor flexibility with weak muscles are more likely to get low back pain. If you are pregnant with twins too, you are likely to suffer from this pain due to the excess weight. To get more info on your sore back and how to fix it – see backpainreliefdaily.com

2 Kinds Of Pain

There are usually two kinds of lower back pain. The first is lumbar pain which is in the lumbar vertebrae region of the back and the other is a posterior pelvic pain. Lumbar back pain is regular back pain experienced by most people at some point of time or the other. This occurs when you sit or stand for too long. Posterior pelvic pain on the other hand, is felt lower than lumbar pain and can be felt on your thighs even. Walking, lifting, twisting and bending may cause this type of pain. Pain in the posterior pelvic region is often confused with sciatica, however this is the case in only a few women.

women-with-soreness.jpgThere are several ways to avoid or to lessen your back pain. Instead of lying down for long periods of time, try a few exercises. Strengthening exercises which help strengthen your muscles of your legs and back will keep you in shape. These exercises help in keeping your muscles flexible and limber. Prenatal yoga is another good option to try and stay fit. Another great way to exercise your muscles is swimming. This flexes all your body’s muscles and it strengthens the muscles of your abdomen and back as well. Walking is another great option since you can easily incorporate it into your everyday routine.
However, even while doing all these exercises to prevent lower back pain make sure that your posture is right, otherwise you could end up with a more serious situation.

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